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TARGET - 100 Guidance Class

For whom IOM, MOE, KU, BPKIHS & PAHS Entrance Exams only matter.

Conducted by the Toppers from IOM, BPKIHS and KU

Entrance Exams always remain the part of headache even to every medical aspirant. Considering this, Target-100 asserts the best option and solution for every medical entrance aspirant apart from mere bookish  knowledge.


    Success is within your reach, You just need to stretch out.

      "Work smarter, Not just harder"

Entrance Exam A-Battle

Though it may sound quite strange but entrance exam is a battle where every student seems to be an individual ARMY who needs to get victory in any way.The battle was so fierce that the past year, 91 became the Magic Number; the lowest cut-off mark in IOM Entrance Exam. The situation was also similar in Engineering, Nursing & Para-medical Entrance Exams.

What do you get from Target-100?

Target-100 is a platform where one can directly interact with the toppers of IOM /KU /BPKIHS and thus, gain the best skills and techniques available to crack MCQs.The toppers believe that hard work, dedication and confidence are not only the traits to excel in exams. So, the program focuses on other areas like MCQs related tips and tricks, good sense of time management, ways to make wise guesses, scientific approach to improve memory and concentration and many more.

Are these the Questions on your Mind?If yes, then Target-100 answers all your Queries and Quests.

Entrance Exam Related Queries
  • I’m good at biology and chemistry, How to improve my Physics?
  • My score in my Model Entrance Exam is 50/60/70/80/90%. What is my chance of getting selected in the upcoming IOM/MOE/BPKIHS entrance exam?
  • I have been working hard but not being able to increase my Model Entrance Exam Score, what to do next? How tough is getting selected under scholarship quota?
  • In the last IOM EntranceExam-2071, I was not selected by mere 3/4 marks, what to do?
  • How to avoid silly errors?
  • I read, I forget- How to enhance my memory and concentration?
  • 90 daysleft, 90 and more to score. What is the best way to use my remaining time before exam?
  • Apart from my studies, what other factors determine my performance?
  • Selected fine, if not what to do next?
  • What are the criteria to apply in MOE under reservation category?
Self-Finance Study Related Queries
  • Which university is better TU or KU? Which college to choose?
  • I want to get enrolled in a particular college (Nepal /Abroad), can you guide me?
  • What procedure should I follow to get enrolled under paying quota?
  • Apart from MBBS, which program is better for me- BDS,B.Sc Nursing or Para-medicine?
  • I have limited budget but want to join MBBS/B.D.S/B.ScNursing/Para Medicine under self-finance. Can you help me find a college which fits my budget?
  • Where can I get help to understand my student loan?

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End is not the end, infact END refers Effort Never Dies,when you get the answer as NO it means Next Opportunity. Good Luck!

Happy Students

Raashi Mandal
Raashi Mandal,Bangladesh
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

    Aadhar truly is an epitome when it comes to guiding the students on choosing top ranked colleges. I am enjoying my life as a medical student and the credit goes to Aadhar for providin...

Abhinaw Anand
Abhinaw Anand,Bangladesh
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College, Dhaka

    Studying in Bangladesh was a very distant concept for me. I would like to thank the entire Aadhar team for helping me through the entire part of my scholarship application processing...

Aakriti Paudel
Aakriti Paudel,Bangladesh
Parkview Medical College, Sylhet

     The greatest strength of Aadhar is its team members. With the guidance and support of Aadhar my dream to study MBBS has come true. Thank you Dr. Narendra sir for your guideline....