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As in the past, Aadhar is going to conduct classes for Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS). The classes will be conducted by Dr. Narendra Mishra (author of PQA Made Easy) and team.


A. Student Selection Process in PAHS

The selection process employs Aptitude tests along with Multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on the knowledge of 10 +2 or equivalent Science Course. The MCQs will be at a level of assessing the application of Knowledge. 

Aptitude tests are the test designed for testing a person’s natural ability to do something or testing the ability for learning and proficiency in a specific area or discipline. The Mental agility test (MAT) is designed to test fluid intelligence. It is high level reasoning ability test which includes verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning and logical sequencing. Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) are a type of Aptitude tests used to assess individual’s reaction to a number of hypothetical scenarios.

The Situational Judgement test are designed to test moral orientation, social responsibility,decision making skills, professionalism and ethics, empathy and justice.


B. Topics Covered in PAHS Entrance Exam

Paper I: Multiple choice questions (MCQs) on Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) 

Paper II: Mental Agility test (MAT)

Paper III: Situational Judgment Tests (SJT)


C. Who are eligible to apply ?

Candidate must have scored 50% in each subjects of Physics, Chemistry & Biology and also in aggregate.

i. Full Scholarship: Candidate must have passed class 8, 9 and 10 from government school.

ii. Partial & Collaborative Scholarship: Candidates having passed from both private and government schools can apply.

iii. Full Paying: Candidates having passed from both private and government schools can apply.

     Note : Apart from above requirements, other criteria also applicable. Details can be obtained from Aadhar  Office or PAHS Prospectus.


D. Scholarship & Paying Seats available in PAHS
                                 -(Seats in session 2074/75)
Full Scholarship: 10 seats
Partial & Collaborative Scholarship: 16 seats
Full Paying: 38 seats
Child of PAHS Employee : 1 seat

Note: Among Scholarship Seats, 4 seats are reserved for the candidates those who are Janjati (1 seat), Dalit (1seat), Madhesi (1 seat) and Female (1 seat).


E. Fee Structure for Entrance Exam Preparation Classes: Nrs. 4,800/-                                                                                                                                  

F. Class Duration: 40 Hours.

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